25 August 2016

Networks selling fakes to adapt their SEO strategy period deals


Pages online sale of counterfeit products use terms such as rebates or balances to capture consumers in the January.

Rebates with which lightens the January presented optimistic this year. With an estimated population of about 3,900 million January billing, sales increased compared to last year’s data is expected. Most consumers will buy clothing items and accessories, sports, new technologies and leisure. These are articles that sales over the Internet are very important and therefore most of the rebates will live in the online world. Rebates lovers should take extra precautions to avoid being referred to illegal websites selling counterfeit goods.

Networks selling fakes to adapt their SEO strategy period dealsMore than ever during the January, the price is a decisive factor when shopping online and counterfeiters have developed sophisticated methods to intercept the traffic of consumers seeking bargains when they do an Internet search. The system is to incorporate your SEO strategy the same search terms consumers use in order to lead users to their pages. These days, the terms used in Internet search engines are sales, balances, opportunities, outlet ….

An investigation conducted by MarkMonitor reveals that one in five people looking for good deals and opportunities in the United States and Europe bought by mistake in e-commerce sites selling counterfeit products, therefore, we must exercise caution.

To ensure a safe shopping discounts online is enough to take some precautions:

  • Examine portal security when making payment and always reject those where the payment does not offer security guarantees.
  • Find out if the headquarters of the portal is outside the country, keep in mind that most fake imports come from China. Every web page should include a legal data on the origin of it.
  • Control the layout of the page, if there are defects in the same or errors as misspellings will most likely not be trusted.
  • Monitor product return policy. A serious e-commerce portal will have a good policy and procedure in accordance with the legislation in force for returns. This returns policy is the same in sales time than at any other time of year.
  • Find out if the portal is the official distributor of the brand in question. A good practice is to check the reputation of the web site and find out his background.

Inquire about the price of the product sought. Although sales time it will be less reached up to 50% discounts or more if the site in question is offered at suspiciously low amounts, it’s probably fake. Comparison with other websites is always a very healthy practice.