1 July 2018

New consumers are regular users of the Internet


The new purchasing manager accesses the web daily, searches for web pages of brands and products and uses the information they find and the opinions of other users to make their purchasing decisions.

Despite this new trend, the bulk of consumer brands are still looking for their target audience in television programming.

Yahoo! has drawn the profile of a new type of consumer baptized as `the person in charge of modern purchasing ‘. The study `Modern buyers: the Internet conquers homes’ – prepared by the company based on data from EGM, AIMC Marcas and TGI Net – reveals that these new buyers are daily Internet users. Located in an age range between 25 and 45 years, have a greater purchasing power, are more consumer, marquetry and are more open to new products, than traditional consumers.

The study confronts the consumption habits of these new buyers, with those of traditional purchasing managers, whose age is over 45 years, have lower income and are less related to brands. And they are, mainly, consumers of more traditional media such as television.

The intensive use of the Internet is one of the keys of these new consumers: more than 64% of the individuals of this new profile connect daily to the network , because it saves them time (82% of the respondents) and consider it a means essential (81%).

The reason is that modern purchasing managers have a greater demand for information : for 38% of them, the Network is the first place to search for information and one in four prefers advertising on the web, precisely because it considers that it contains more information. information about the products.

24% claim to visit advertised websites. Internet is, therefore, a point of reference for these modern purchasing managers : 37% of respondents say that the Network helps them more in their purchase decisions than television spots. And 13% confess that the information received by Internet influences when choosing brands. In the same way, 42.2% of consumers visit the website of a specific product or brand to obtain more information. And 26.3% consult the opinions of other Internet users to make decisions about important purchases.

Internet is the third means of investment, however, the bulk of consumer brands are still looking for their target audience in television programming. The report shows that the Network is the support by which to bet and that websites like Yahoo! they are ideal for this target, which has 61% more access than traditional purchasing managers: 59% of Yahoo! he resorts to the Internet before making purchases and 63% says that the reason is that he finds information about products and brands that he can not buy elsewhere.

By sectors, the food brands are less aware of the influence of the Internet in the purchase decision, despite the fact that the spending of modern purchasing managers in this area is 8.5% higher than that of the traditional consumer and the Red is your closest means . A revealing fact in this regard is that 86% of Yahoo! he is a consumer of prepared dishes and his weekly expense in this section is 93.3 euros per week on average. In addition, the food industry has a memory on the Internet 30% higher.

But how do consumers reach the pages ?. Combining a good search engine, graphic advertising and word of mouth is essential to enjoy a good position on the Internet. The best campaigns will be those that combine affinity, relevance, innovation and trust: 19.5% prefer to see ads related to the websites they visit and 21.5% pay more attention to the ads of the sites that they trust.