22 September 2016

Not everyone goes for Digital Marketing


It is already known that the Internet is the present and the future.Institutions, media professionals themselves, etc, feed the illusion that “salvation” of the problems of a company is in the Digital Marketing and enough courses “Express” or some information to work there.

First of all, the Online Marketing is not a panacea for the problems of a company. It is just an extension of traditional marketing and allows you to be present in “Zero Moment of Truth”. Also, those who believe that anyone better to work there only mediocre results and disappointments will be. For example, a study by Harvard Business Review collects only 12% of companies using social networks considers that it does effectively.

Not everyone goes for Digital MarketingThe problem is that there is no clear legislation or rules, there is much misinformation in the business world and this sector evolves much faster than the adaptability of businesses and professionals. Besides other things, this will entail the disappearance of many current professions. Neither officials will be safe, as technological development causes disinter mediation in production processes and thus, the elimination of jobs in the value chain. According to Thomas Frey, “60% of the best jobs in the next decade have not yet been invented.” They emerge very specialized professions that require technical and marketing expertise.

However, as shown in “The Talentismo” will be a shortage of talent and companies will have trouble finding these qualified people. Knowledge is money. Companies increasingly bet for candidates with a knowledge and a powerful fingerprint and this only demonstrates with a verifiable track record. This digital talent will help them get ahead in the heady challenges ahead and, above all, the company will provide all or part of their social influence and its valuable network of contacts.

Therefore, under current conditions, not everyone goes for Digital Marketing. Never too late to learn and everyone has the ability to excel in the field if he tries, but true professionals are required with demonstrable experience and training and a proper attitude. Digital businesses require professionalism and money as if they were physical business. Marketing and training in new technologies is needed, have work experience in the sector, be very proactive and constantly being By upgrading, have a good network of contacts to help you on time, etc. But, unfortunately, there will be many professionals with mediocre results, “selling smoke”, etc, and also disappointed companies.