15 September 2018

One in three SMEs and businesses will focus on Digital Marketing and Social Media


36% of small businesses plan to focus on the majority of resources based on online marketing and advertising this year, according to a FedEx Office survey developed in the United States.

Another 35% will split equally their resources based on print advertising / traditional marketing, and online advertising this year. Only 16% will concentrate most of their resources on printed materials, and 13% will concentrate on traditional advertising resources, that is, on radio, television and newspapers.

42% of SMEs say that marketing and web advertising complement their printed marketing actions approximately 2.5 times more than those based solely on social media tools. Meanwhile, 19% say that Social Media has replaced some of their printed materials.

Only 22% see Social Media Marketing as something really important, although 50% have experimented with it. 19% do not believe that marketing in social media is important and 10% are not sure about it.

Of the small companies that use or have experimented with social marketing, sharing the company’s news (79%) or customer search (72%) are to a large extent, so they have used it the most. Responding to customer problems and answering questions is a distant third with 54%.

As an accessory fact, a study by Formstack shows that 45% of small and medium-sized companies have a website, which shows that there is still a long way to go.