8 June 2018

Online advertising: Internet overtakes television in the United Kingdom


The internet medium begins to show its true potential and projection, surpassing for the first time the television medium as an advertising medium in the United Kingdom.

The data of a recent report developed jointly by the IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers thus reveal it and indicate the constant growth of advertising investment on this medium over traditional television in a pioneering country and ahead in terms of volume of advertising investment on the Internet.

Online advertising in the United Kingdom increased to 4.6% during the first half of this year compared to the same period last year although overall, total advertising investment decreased to 16.6%. In this way, the Internet consolidates its position as an advertising medium reaching a share of 23.5% over 21.9% of television.

In this way, the United Kingdom is consolidated as the leading power in online advertising investment worldwide where factors such as a fast and cheap broadband, and the popularity of new formats, such as video ads are helping to proliferate this type of advertising .

Forecasts indicate that the volume of investment will continue to rise as assured Guy Phillipson, executive director of IAB, who predicts that its market share will reach 30% in about two years. A record figure that until now has not been surpassed by any other means.

For Peter Scott, president and CEO of Engine Group, one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the UK, “This is undoubtedly a historic moment and marks a milestone after which things will not go back to being what they were, the evolution of technology and the advertising market are not going to stop. “