25 November 2020

Online and Offline branding considerations

By ruiiid5

While most small business owners and freelancers do not believe themselves to have ‘brands’ and to participate in public relations, the truth is that there is a brand in any company. It would be fair to even say that every person has a brand. If you sell a product or service, then your brand is what people think of you when they hear your name, and what they identify you with. The picture you put out must be transparent and consistent in all styles of media to become a popular brand.

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It is important that the image you display online and in the real world fits the image you show offline to discourage misleading clients. Who are you aiming to meet and sell to? Who your opponents are and why you are the best person or company for the job should be transparent. The messages you are trying to send to your target audience should be accompanied by your image, tone and even colour scheme.

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Working with a Brand Design Agency in your region makes a great deal of sense for smaller, locally focused firms.


The Internet can be a worldwide movement, but someone who knows your identity and the message that you are trying to communicate has a lot to say about getting your name worked on. In order to create a consistent and transparent brand presence, local, personal service would be of a great assistance to you.