12 August 2016

Online companies find it more difficult to build customer loyalty


Companies with a physical presence generate more loyalty from customers, than those that exist only online. Consumers feel closer links to those companies who can visit, whose products can touch, and who physically can speak.

This is demonstrated by the latest report of Emarsys, which states that 79% of consumers feel more loyal to brands that have a physical presence.

Online companies find it more difficult to build customer loyaltyDoes this mean that customers cannot be faithful to the online business?

In all, only you need to try harder than the rest. Emarsys data indicate that the basis for online businesses the approval of their customers gain lies in its ability to offer a personalized experience, and preferential treatment.According to 42% of study participants, consumers expect that online companies provide them with a special service, tailored to your interests and preferences.

Brands must make better use and development of information your customers provide them online. Thus, they will be in a position to provide their audience a unique and special experience, with guaranteed success.For 29% of customers, the fact of receiving preferential treatment encourage loyalty. Moreover, 33% appreciate it very positively the fact of receiving offers and customized for your birthday, or special moments proposals.

What sectors are most likely to foster customer loyalty?

The study shows that there are sectors that have an easier time getting the customer loyalty, whether they carry out their activity preferably online. Specifically, the fashion industry stands out greatly, with a retention rate of 51%; percentage rises to 64% for women.

Meanwhile, in other industries this loyalty index drops significantly, such as leisure (20%), music (19%) or travel (18%).