8 June 2017

Online videos conquer 87% of women


Online video is positioned as an important piece within the strategy of content marketing. The  research conducted by Total Beauty Media Group wanted to know his popularity among the female audience. Taking into account the results, there is a great interest in audiovisual content, since 87% of the women surveyed said that they consume videos online. 

Online videos conquer 87% of womenFar from what might be expected, the desktop computer is still the main means by which women resort to this type of audiovisual content, even before the laptop or smartphone. Although 70% of survey participants had a smartphone, only 15% used it to watch videos. This difference is more evident in the age range. 39% of boomers (women between 35 and 44 years old) use the computer, compared to 27% of millenials (women between 25 and 34 years). In the case of the smartphone, 14% of boomers are already using the pocket display, compared to 24% of young women. In contrast, in the case of the tablet there is a similar trend, which is around 10% in both generations. 

Another fact that distinguishes women according to their age is the time zone in which they are prepared to visualize this content. 28% of females belonging to the older age group practice this practice in the morning, while 50% of young women prefer afternoons from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

About 80% of women reject ads that are broadcast prior to the selected video, Is not the best way to achieve the desired impact on the female audience by the brand. Instead, they prefer to provide their personal data; They would be willing to fill in a contact form or respond to a simple survey, if they could access the desired content. This can be a very useful strategy to generate leads. 

Women do not want to pay for content. In fact, online video has come to replace traditional media, such as magazines and film. 60% of respondents recognize that it is their reference source when it comes to information about products; 30% have given up magazines and movie theaters, while 20% even prefer online video before television. 60% of the millenials are subscribed to some Youtube channel, Along with 40% of the boomers. 

Do you use videomarketing in your content marketing strategy?