20 November 2015

Organic Ingredients Are for Life, Not Just the Kitchen

By ruiiid5

We all know how important organic food is for us and for our planet. Producing and eating healthy seasonal ingredients that have not been sprayed with pesticides or pumped full of chemicals is a more natural way to eat, better for our environment and great for our health. That’s why the best chefs only use fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients.

organic restaurant food

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Why Organic?

Eating out gives us the opportunity to try foods that we might not have the time, ability or confidence to make for ourselves at home. But whether you’re dining at one of the Italian restaurants in Dublin or at a French restaurant in Cork, delicious restaurant food shouldn’t come at the price of poor-quality ingredients. Just because you didn’t chop, blend or roast it yourself, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be made with the kind of fresh produce that you would be happy to have in your own fridge. And just because you’re treating yourself to the luxury of a dinner out, it doesn’t mean that the food itself shouldn’t be virtuous.

Many restaurants agree with this ethos, as witnessed by the growing movement of independent outlets and chain brands investing more time and effort in providing high-quality ingredients, healthy menu options and organic fare. These organic restaurants offer people the chance to taste what’s possible with pesticide-free or seasonal products, often inspiring them to start shopping more ethically at home.

Delicious in Every Season

Seasonal food isn’t just for the summer – at restaurants such as Toscana fresh ingredients come directly from the source, all year round. Seasonal doesn’t just mean salads: roasted winter vegetables and autumnal berries are the perfect produce for the colder months and can be sourced in-season from natural local producers. Fresh organic meat can be produced all year round, and pizzas, pastas and polenta – the staple Italian dishes – are perfect in every season. Many restaurants now have a Christmas menu with meat, fish and vegetarian options, and because they produce and source all of their ingredients themselves, they know exactly where they come from and how they were grown.

There is a strong trend towards using only natural, organic, home-grown ingredients and honest seasonal vegetables packed with nutrients. After all, customers should eat as well in a restaurant as they do at home.