22 March 2016

Packaging can provide efficiencies within a business


Being able to operate efficiently is crucial for businesses. It enables them to function profitably and have an edge over competitors. If production levels or speed are reduced in any way, this is when issues can occur. However, packaging can provide benefits in these areas and reduce pressure on the business.

Packaging can provide efficiencies within a business

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Over the past few decades, levels of exports across the globe have grown substantially. Between 1950 and 2005, the amount of international trade rose 27 times, from $296 billion to $8 trillion. Even though levels have decreased slightly in recent years, with the economic recessions, it is still a major part of the global economy. This reliance on international trade has increased the need for efficient logistical systems.

Use of space

If a business can reduce the amount of space used to store and transport goods, this can help to limit costs across the supply chain. This will benefit everyone, from manufacturers through to end retailers, by enabling more items to be packed onto trucks or stored on pallets. In order to achieve this, companies are looking for more flexible and minimal forms of packaging. However, they still need to provide adequate protection for goods.

More efficient processes

It is essential that a packaging line can operate smoothly for the majority of the time required. If it becomes blocked or needs to stop for any length of time, this can reduce levels of productivity and cost money. In order to prevent this happening, it’s important to understand where issues can occur along the line, such as during labelling or inserting leaflets. Businesses could look at automating some of the processes to optimise the line. There are a range of suppliers who provide packaging machines, such as packaging-machines.co.uk who provide pallet wrap and strapping machines.

Using appropriate resources

By utilising the correct resources on the production line, you can ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. For instance you can buy strapping machines to make the end process more efficient. With stretch film accounting for more than 86% of the pallet stabilisation market, you should also look at the type of pallet wrap you’re using, as longer rolls will require less down time to change.

By creating a more effective packaging environment, businesses can improve their production levels and make the whole process more efficient.