25 May 2017

Pinterest and its great potential to generate engagement


Since the social network of the planks came to light, it has had a spectacular reception, registering an increase of more than 2700% since May 2011. Its development has continued to rise, and has already consolidated as “one of the great”; With a very specific and faithful user profile …

  • 80% of its users are female.
  • The most representative age group is young people between the ages of 25 and 34.
  • Half of those who have a profile registered in Pinterest have children.
  • The average time for a visit to Pinterest is 16 minutes, which implies that users use it as a source of information about the products that interest them.
  • Its users dedicate about 98 minutes per month to this social network.

Pinterest and its great potential to generate engagementWhat do users in Pinterest do?

  • More than 80% of his time is dedicated to pinning, mainly repainting the content of others.
  • A 15.5% is invested in marking those pins that most people like. A relevant fact to get more votes in favor is that the pins contain the price of the product. These get up to 36% more interactions.
  • Only 0.6% of the time is invested in commenting. In this social network the eminently visual content prevails and the interactions are reduced to a click. Users are lazier at the time of writing.

Pinterest stands out as the independent web site for registering 10 million unique visitors a month.

This platform also has an evade convertibility rate. 69% of customers claim to have found in Pinterest a product they had bought or were interested in buying, compared to 40% of Facebook users.

Pinterest is also characterized by attracting a significant volume of referential traffic and generating conversions. Visits from Pinterest spend 70% more than those coming from other channels.

43% of Pinterest users are willing to interact with any brand in this social network, compared to 24% of Facebook users. This implies that in Pinterest 17 million transactions take place with brand content; Of which only 15% is produced on the boards of the companies themselves.

This interest in knowing more information about products positions Pinterest as a showcase for companies, which implies that these have to:

  • Increase your activity in this social network.
  • Provide more own content. 80% of the information that is plotted in this medium is reduced to repins of others. Therefore, brands must strive to provide content, and quality.
  • Optimize your profile in Pinterest, in order to increase your visibility and register a greater activity.
  • To implement in its web the Pin button, in order that the users can share in Pinterest the images of those products that interest him.

Do you use Pinterest in your Social Media strategy?