2 December 2016

Planning, a fundamental aspect in the content strategy


We all know that when talking about Social Media to the vast majority of the population only a word comes to mind “Comunity Manager” obviating other professional figures such as Social Media Manager, Content Editor etc.So when starting a campaign Social Media, most companies look for a person to manage all aspects of social networks such as planning, content editing, moderation of social channels, the design profiles etc.

Planning, a fundamental aspect in the content strategyWe know that this “monofunctional” chart is not ideal for proper flow of our work, but we also know that the vast majority of companies that are in our society are SMEs that due to the current economic situation, need a great effort to add a new employee to your staff, and that if they decide to start a Social Media campaign and hire someone to take her place and is a great achievement.

So we have to nonrefundable chameleon suit and adapt to the current situation. The fact face many activities makes organizing and planning the daily work is essential in all aspects of our work. In this article we will focus on the organization of content editing, for easy editing and frequency thereof.

All professionals who work in content editing fear the lack of time and the “lock” to avoid must follow guidelines should greatly facilitate us the content editing, so periodicity and quality give our articles.

Here are some guidelines that will help us in generating content.

  • Daily thematic planning. We must plan the days of the week with the theme we want to treat, for example on Mondays day social networking, technology Tuesday, etc. define the theme day will give us a great advantage when it comes to finding content.
  • Emergency content. Given clear the issues that we will try before you can edit content and automate its publication, so if one day we do not have time to edit content, we have a bullet in the chamber.
  • Filter content. Classifying know that our thematic content like and dislike our audience, this will help us refine our planning and eliminate content that do not attract, so avoid wasting time in editing content unattractive
  • Consult RSS feeds. Always following our thematic pattern, sometimes this can spice up with news or current events, an article winning personality when we use examples related to hot topics today.