24 February 2017

Poor customer service can cost the company dearly


Poor customer service can be very costly for the company. The new work of NewVoiceMedia realized in the United Kingdom picks up the consequences of discarding the call of its clients. Half of the clients surveyed have stopped contracting a company’s products or services because of poor service, of which 92% have changed businesses once or twice this year.

The report shows that 66% of customers continue to choose the telephone route as the main means of communication with the company; They consider it the fastest and most effective method, which allows direct contact. For its part, 23% use the mail to transmit their problem. It is important to highlight an incipient tendency to use instant messaging and social networks, especially among young generation Y. 49% have ceased trying to talk on the phone with the brand, in order to avoid the dreaded “call On hold”, which means that many customers have chosen to target the competition, without even having come to raise their problem to the brand.

Poor customer service can cost the company dearlyThis misconduct on the part of the brands translates into a significant amount of money, if customers spent an average of £ 472, about £ 12 billion is being lost as a result of bad customer service, with the aggravating factor That a lost customer not only does not recover, but also helps to warn potential customers of the consequences of having the company:

56% of the respondents who had a bad experience indicated that they would never hire anything related to that brand again.

27% were willing to share these experiences with their friends and family, while 19% would use the internet to proclaim to the world this malpractice in the form of negative comments on blogs and 14% through social networks.

Young people are more permissive than adults

Contrary to what one might think, younger groups showed more patience:

22% of adults over 55 would hang at 5 minutes, something that would only 8% of young people up to 24 years.

The 30% of those between 16 and 24 years would wait between 11 and 20 minutes on the phone, compared to the scarce 9% of adults.

The average reasonable period is between 5 and 10 minutes, according to 67% of those over 55. A period in which 49% of young people between 16 and 24 agree.

A good customer service contributes to its loyalisation

On the opposite side, when customers feel satisfied they react positively. 44% acknowledge that they would hire their services more often, and even 34% would spend more. This favorable attitude to the brand also has repercussions on the client’s immediate environment, who would speak for his benefit. 74% of respondents indicated that they would be more loyal to the brand, 71% would recommend it in their environment.

Customers prefer good service, before the best price

This is shown by Forrester’s “Banks and Retailers: You Can not Price Your Way Out of Bad Customer Experiences” studio, for which more than 7,500 were surveyed on how satisfied they are with hiring a banking service, or buying at The retail sector:

On the one hand, the price is not the relevant factor when choosing between one product or another, but it really can meet the needs of the customer.

Customers are not always looking for the lowest price, but the most comfortable service. Amazon does not always have the cheapest price, but is concerned about providing complete customer service, and offers you confidence, security and an effective service.

Once again the importance of providing an appropriate treatment to the client, as well as being always accessible and willing to help, is emphasized. Customers are becoming more demanding and give greater importance to the quality of service. On the other hand, both positive and negative experiences are transmitted through word of mouth, fostered by social networks, which can seriously affect a company’s online reputation and adversely affect its bottom line