4 August 2017

Predictions and trends of online marketing and social media for 2018


2018 is just around the corner. Another year that will certainly arrive with new surprises and during which, it is expected to consolidate many of the current trends and others that are still likely to come.

On this occasion, we return once more to unveil what seems to be imposed and that during the next year will deserve a special attention. 

Predictions and trends of online marketing and social media for 2018The glass ball offers us the reflection of new trends and trends in online marketing and social media. Something that from Seoptimise, they have not wanted to overlook one more year, to offer us what 2018 could give us.

  1. The reign of content comes to an end, this monarch will abdicate in favor of the context. It is here that companies will have to redouble their efforts, in order to create the perfect environment that takes users to the content.
  2. Semantics will become increasingly important day by day. The possibility of offering the user exactly what he needs, according to his place of location, his personal tastes and characteristics is a latent demand. So far SEO professionals have not yet paid much attention to this substantial change; In 2018 should be used in depth to use semantic markup when optimizing web sites.
  3. The content should focus on the needs of the customer, not on what the company wants to communicate. In order to achieve the conversion of the visit into the sales process the company must ask what kind of information the customer will need during the different stages of the purchase cycle.
  4. The perception of visual content by marekters will change,becoming a key element of the strategy to encourage engagement and influence the audience.
  5. The creative department will expand and diversify its functions, counting on professionals from other specialties as web developers and experts in the digital environment, as well as occasional collaborations with specialists depending on each project.
  6. SEO will partner with PR and creative agencies. From this collaboration will be born actions much more focused on the target public, with which a greater impact will be obtained.
  7. Mobile marketing strategies will gain adherents, especially among local businesses and SMEs, as a means to conquer the customer.
  8. The diversification of the devices to sail will bring with it a greater preoccupation for the optimization in the web design.
  9. Google wants to surpass itself, offering more and more adequate answers to the demand of information of its users.
  10. Google+ will become relevant. Companies are beginning to take seriously the social network of the big G, taking it into account in their Social Media strategies. This will help to unify all the specific actions of Google products.
  11. The social network of Google will be consolidated as an important fingerprint, not only for the companies, but also for the users of foot.
  12. The email marketing will live a new golden age, this time driven by the development of pocket devices.
  13. The SEO will not only die, but will face new challenges, which will be the new updates of the algorithm of Google. If someone thought that the SEO had already reached its full maturity, from which only expected decay, is quite wrong.
  14. Users will continue to show conflicting attitudes. On the one hand, they ask for a personalized product, and a service to their measure, but on the other, they are not willing to facilitate the large amount of personal data that is required for it.
  15. Google will continue to collect more and more data about its users and the way they relate, thanks to both Google+ and Gmail.
  16. Welcome to multi-screen marketing strategies, depending on how users act. The content marketing strategy should also be adapted to the nature of each device.
  17. The online marketing budget of companies will also include the study of user behavior beyond web analytics. Marketers will make a greater effort to be able to estimate more accurately the impact of their actions, taking into account the context and other actions of their strategy.
  18. The marketing department will become increasingly digital.
  19. Brands will continue to create digital communities, thanks to both social networks and blogging platforms. The figure of the Community Manager is going to become more visible than ever. The main breakthrough is that companies will not devote themselves to collecting fans, but to winning loyal fans of the brand.
  20. We are all aware that the management of digital marketing involves a continuous and collective effort something that not all companies are able to achieve. Companies have to work hard to adapt, which will even involve the internal restructuring of some departments.
  21. Companies that need to carry out such structural changes, will require new professionals, who are able to perform the following functions: SEO, SEM, management and maintenance of the online community, as well as the corporate website; Advertising, social networking and blogging.
  22. Television advertising will not die in 2018, but will adapt to the new social status of information. Television ads will incorporate experiences as a second screen, encouraging users to interact through the rest of mobile devices. Content creators will have to take into account this new dimension of the message and adapt it to all channels.
  23. Companies will bet on social marketing, supporting beneficial actions in their actions.
  24. Facebook advertising will win whole this year; Companies will use this channel as a means to reach their audience.