11 February 2018

Prevention is better than cure: How to get ahead of an online reputation crisis


The image of a brand is possibly one of its most valuable treasures and its reputation on the net as well. For this reason, it is necessary for the brand to care for and imitate the image that others have of it in social media and on the internet, as we all know the possible repercussions and damages that a reputation crisis can bring.

Crises can begin, many times, with some aspect to which we have not given enough importance, such as our action, a badly answered comment, or simply, a disgruntled user. No one is exempt from suffering a crisis, but we can try to prevent it.

We refer to being alert, always carrying out, as far as possible, actions studied that may have a positive impact. We must make all people who have a stake in the brand aware of the importance of reputation so that they are aware of what they have in hand.

It is essential that the brand is prevented, and prevention is based on analyzing the entire environment surrounding the brand wherever it is present. We must, on the one hand, analyze our competitors, to know what actions they are performing that may affect us, and we must analyze, on the other hand, our product or our brand, that is, to know what our strengths and weaknesses are to strengthen and strengthen others. .

We must also bear in mind that the brand must be backed at all times by the head of the company in case of crisis, it is the maximum presence that must respond for the brand.

Another factor to take into account is that the crises, usually, come from external factors, so we must keep these aspects under strict surveillance to locate at any time any conversation that occurs about us, to be able to act properly. But, the best form of prevention is to have all these aspects and others more covered in a Crisis Plan, a decalogue of action processes that is mandatory for all brands, since, if necessary, all involved can find a guide to follow at times when, due to stress or confusion, it is difficult to think.

The Crisis Plan must contemplate aspects such as the formation of a crisis team that will be responsible for managing it, how the communication will be carried out, who will be the spokesperson of the brand and the time and manner of managing the crisis. And fundamental, once resolved, it is essential to analyze the scope and impact it has had.

However, companies have to be very clear about what not to do in the event of a reputation crisis, such as not answering, thinking that silence will cause the problem to dissipate. This is a big mistake, because the more time passes without the brand reacting, the crisis will spread, causing greater effects. It is fundamental for us in this case to come to the fore and explain sincerely what has happened, why it has happened, what we are doing to solve it and the follow-up that is going to be done to the case.

A reputation crisis is something important enough to take seriously, and prevention is the best policy we can adopt against them.