9 March 2017

Profitable and innovative business for entrepreneurs


There is a big chance to Innovate and Generate Revenue this 2017 with these Profitable and Innovative Business Ideas. Much has been said and written about the world economy and its devastating potential effects. In a sense, it does not matter if you are thinking about starting a small business or investing in one, people always have needs. The trick to starting a successful small business is to find out what people or companies need and are willing to pay money for these products or services. Even during the Great Depression, some people make money, for the Chinese the word crisis means opportunities.

Here are some profitable business opportunities and ideas to undertake:

Mobile Application Development

An increasing number of consumers are researching and looking for products and services, and shopping with their mobile devices. I think Diane Mermigas , the general editor of MediaPost, said it best: “Consumers are already where retailers and retailers have to be” in terms of mobile commerce. Companies will not be able to fully catch up in 2017, but a growing number of them will make the attempt.

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For many companies, they will try to stay current will have to make their own applications of their brand, which will be plenty of opportunities for mobile application developers.

Beauty Salons & Aesthetics

If the list of the best innovative business opportunities of the year make you move your head? Well just remember what I said in opening up business opportunities and people’s needs. The great thing about salons is that they are a sure thing.

Strategic Command

No matter how sad the economic situation, women will still be able to raise the money needed to get their hair straightened, their nails trimmed, their nails decorated, and a facial every now and then. So hairdressers with talented stylists and good services at a good price can get ahead. So this is also another profitable business to consider.


In North America e-commerce continues to grow and grow. E-commerce in Canada was worth $ 15.3 billion a year in 2012. In that year, 51% of Internet users have ordered products or services for personal or domestic use and those users who placed an order, on average around Of 10 orders in a 12-month period with an average total value of $ 1,362 per person. All these statistics tell me that e-commerce companies could be very lucrative; you just have to find the right products to sell.

Luxury Brand Products as a Profitable Business

One of the segments of the retail economy that does not seem to be suffering as much as the others is the high end. There are still some people out there who have a lot of money and are willing to spend on branded products. Luxury handbags, scarves and shoes for women are still selling well, for example. The combination of luxury products chosen along with e-commerce grew strongly in 2011 and should do the same in 2016, could be a powerful business opportunity.

The Business of the Dogs or Pet shop

There are many people who love to feed, care and pamper their puppies and is one of their spending priorities. Dog products and services companies find success even in difficult times. Examples could be, Kennels, day care for dogs, hairdressers, veterinarians etc.

Elderly Mobility Products for the Elderly

I do not remember well but I am sure that I have had products that help mobility, such as, wheelchairs, walkers, canes and stairs, shin guards, wristbands that have been very useful to me and this can also be a deal.

The aging of the baby boomer generation is a fact of society that cannot be ignored and with the first wave of baby boomers that will turn 65 recently, mobility products will be a real growth industry in the coming years. The smartest bet on business is to combine the sale of mobility products with related services.

Adult Care

The growing number of well-off baby boomers also provides growing business opportunities for elder care. Home care and nursing homes are the most obvious, but do not forget all the opportunities such as an older adult’s driver, catering and janitorial services for older people who want to stay in their homes. Of course you can develop your own profitable business of elder care.

Medical and care technologies

An increasing number of hospitals and medical clinic administrators appreciate the value of healthcare technologies, smart devices and medical diagnostic devices that can deliver better health care and reduce costs. In addition to developing / supplying technologies, staff training will also be required, software development / and web applications to obtain all medical records online, for example, there will also be the need for training to use the software.

Cloud computing: Migrating to the Cloud

2017 is the year when more companies will tend to store their information and do a lot more “stuff” in the cloud, companies are more aware of the advantages of cloud computing and are less afraid of putting more of their information there. Large companies are on the way to this, but small businesses continue to store their information in a traditional way which means that by helping companies to change the way they store their data and applications to the cloud-based solution, It will become a great innovative and profitable business itself.

Ending up with positive thought:

These are not necessarily the only profitable innovative business ideas that anyone can start. Many of these business opportunities have entry barriers, such as a need for specialized training. But in my opinion, these are business opportunities that are going to provide real opportunities to make money in 2017 and beyond companies and people who are in the right place can be profitable companies in the coming years.

Keep in mind that there is never any guarantee when you are starting a business. Any business opportunity you are considering demands an effort. Writing a business plan is a good place to start, plus it will help you determine if a particular business opportunity is right for you. We will continue to research more business ideas.