23 October 2020

Promoting your business on Instagram

By ruiiid5

Are you thinking of delving into the world of Instagram to promote your business? There are many reasons to use this social media platform as most of your target market is likely to be using it too. Almost half of Instagram users have made a purchase after viewing a service or product on the platform. An opportunity too good to miss, surely?

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What are the goals of your business? Ideally, you will want to raise awareness of your brand and reach new audiences. You’ll be looking to gain followers and create a great impression.

Instagram is ideal for engaging with your market by encouraging discussion, likes and hopefully people sharing your content to others. All social media platforms are useful for boosting traffic to your business website which are then converted into sales. However, it remains important to think of Instagram as a brand-boosting platform and not just about sales generation. Get help from a PR Cheltenham company like Head on PR

Keeping your tone consistent is also important when you reach out into the world of social media. Whatever your style is for your content or website, this should also be adopted for Instagram posts. You also need to consider the same brand colours and font style that you are used to using. This helps with brand consistency.

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If you’re going to use Instagram, you should get into a schedule of posting regularly. To attract followers and increase engagement, you need to be considered as a quality poster and be consistent with uploading content. It is preferable to post at least twice a week all year round than to post at high frequency and then find this unsustainable.