9 July 2018

Put a marketing consultant in your company


If we conducted a small study to know the degree of importance of marketing when starting a business activity, would probably reflect the tax, accounting and labor areas, among the first three. And marketing? The answer would be, a good product is sold alone.

The number of times we have heard that when a company goes wrong, the first thing that is reduced is the marketing budget.

And why does all this happen? Probably because of our business culture. We all think about how to control expenses, but few think about how to increase revenues.

At the beginning of this crisis all companies made the logical and simple, reduce costs, but at one point it is impossible to continue deleting more items and then it is when you start looking for another solution.

And what is that solution? Marketing as a tool to increase sales.

All the advisors are necessary, but it is much more those that will help us achieve a positive results account. The marketing consultant through the search of opportunities in the market, the differentiation of their products, the appropriate selection of media … will get to contact bidders and claimants and thereby get benefits from the sale .

None of the other advisors (accounting, tax and labor) manage to bring money home.

Put a marketing consultant in your company.