1 April 2018

Ready for combat? poses an effective social media strategy


The conquest of the consumer supposes a fight without quarter, a battle without truce in which the enemy presents fierce resistance; to beat him you have to learn to plan your tactical moves, are you ready for combat?

The first step is to know the weapons that you have. Find out what are your strengths and weaknesses, what resources you have available, the number of troops that make up your army, your training and skills, as well as the weapons arsenal you have.

It establishes a real, achievable and tangible objective. Do not pretend to achieve glory in a day, divide and conquer. Draw a stratagem divided into periods or phases of evolution. The objective can be of varied nature: well measurable in terms of SEO, or increase in traffic, or perhaps based on an increase in fans, followers, leads, customers and even sales. It would be interesting to also draw up a plan B, projecting a different scenario, in order to have an agile response to unexpected attacks and to be able to react in time in case the expected prospects are not met.

Study the enemy. It is vital to know your competition, know what their movements are, how they perform in combat, their attack techniques …

Familiarize yourself with the battlefield. Monitors the current conversation about the sector and general trends. Use all the channels at your disposal to do this, make a comparison of results and capture your analysis in a detailed situation map; you can get a pretty good idea of ​​your range of action.

Draw your strategy, keep in mind the following strategic fronts:

Who you are? the personality of the brand must be perfectly defined, it creates its style, it establishes its positioning in the sector and how it must be perceived; as well as what keywords and longtail strategy will be the ones that center all your strategy.

How are you going to act?   At this point waste creativity, squeeze your brain to conceive different actions, daring … do not settle for the usual techniques of combat, consider yourself how could I do it in a different way, never seen until now? How can I get more impact with my message? Take advantage of the surprise factor, you will get a greater effect. Broadcast your message in the most varied formats: posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, widgets, and why not, games. Bet on useful, interesting and quality content that encourages virality, encourages recipients to replicate it and makes the community interact; in short, that the long-awaited engagement is favored.

It also values ​​the utility of completing your actions with online advertising , be it SEM, facebook, twtter, e-mail or promotional actions on high-profile websites p. ex. you can organize a contest and promote it through RR.PP, banners, sponsorships …

Where to locate your performances? Define the different points of attack, it is important that you address important blogs within the sector, try to create synergies with prestigious influencers who can recommend you, use specific social networks where to act … and all kinds of channels that can be used to your intentions

When to start the contest? Carefully plan your actions and the development of their execution: program the release of content and its theme. Have planned the type of ammunition to use in each offensive, as well as the human capital, do not use the cavalry if it is a naval contest, you will suffer the most absolute of the failures. Create a calendar of performances and ensure that it is strictly enforced, do not leave the battle becoming in the hands of improvisation.

It favors strategic alliances . Put into practice all your diplomatic skills to establish beneficial relationships on both sides with reference blogs, specialized portals and opinion leaders; take special care of these relationships, mime them and make them last in time; In this way you will strengthen bonds of union, intercede before you to help you achieve your goal.

Create community, if you manage to build loyalty to your users, they will be your great allies . They will give valuable support to your tactical raids, they will help you to win battles, even to take an active part in the brakes, they are a powerful weapon of great value.

Period of training and maneuvers . It establishes a trial period and short-range actions and controlled launching. It will be of great help to sharpen the aim, correct possible errors and prepare for the battle in the open.

Finally, declare the start of the war openly , announce your entry into combat by publishing calls to action right and left, resort to all possible channels, both online and offline, you have to achieve the greatest possible coverage of your campaign , generate noise and expectation.

Luck in combat, the fight will be tough, but if you are clear about your objective and what is your strategy to achieve it, you will not fall down dejected. Always have your control and monitoring tools at hand, they are your eyes in this fight, they will serve you to react in time to each fluctuation. Do you have your strategy ready? What are your most effective weapons?