3 September 2016

ROI: In Search of Lost Treasure of Social Media Marketing


Search ROI of social actions has become a major challenge for many brands.As well as according to legend they were the treasures sought the most legendary pirates sailing the seas.

To achieve this, the coveted sailors, familiar with all kinds of currents and enclaves, made use of all kinds of information, guides and maps that always arrive promptly to their most remote destinations and enclaves.

Now in modern times and in the age of social media, the surceases seas are definitely the companies and brands, and its treasure, the award winning crave. Social media ROI.

However, on this trip in which all kinds of brands and venture companies, are not without obstacles and challenges. Companies should take up their weapons and deal with each of these major challenges that will lead undoubtedly the Lost Treasure Social Media.

ROI In Search of Lost Treasure of Social Media MarketingThe effort is undeniable, efficiently measure the ROI of our social investment is not easy, the key to success lies in asking the right questions.The tools exist and technology optimizes strategies.

Ask the right questions in relation to the objectives and target generates the context more effective to measure the efficiency of our actions on each channel, but … not once or twice, but as a lifestyle.

Exercise leadership, shaping and involve all team members to maximize the power that underlies the union achieve influence and thereby achieving the objectives more efficiently, are actions to be performed constantly and passionately.

The acceptance of the new reality. Gone are the days when management referred to budgets and relationships with agencies. Today marks must devote all its resources to building strong ties with its customers and to this end, work should be constant, permanent dedication and pro activity, a way of life.

Training, quality always increase raises the level of the discussion, the complexity of the processes, constant education on current issues and self -taught learning are indispensable to form work teams prepared to face the social universe.

Really listen to consumers. Most errors occur by poor service derived from a lack of active listening to the needs of customers. The eternal debate of customer service. The acceptance of the new reality remains a challenge for marketing.

People, rather than customers. The analysis result in accurate measurement of ROI are qualitative rather than quantitative. Brands must be aware that building strong ties in the Social Media is carried from person to person, regardless (during the conversion phase) brand and / or product.

Take Action. Active listening is fine provided it is channeled to implement measures to materialize it and do it before the others. We must not forget that competition is fierce and the user access to it occurs in real time. The social fabric substantially modifies the scope for action.

Cultural change from within. There is no doubt that minimize vulnerability to which we expose the social fabric, it is possible only through honesty and genuine commitments. Learning to delegate delivering confidence, it is the best way to get an immediate return on our actions.

Using metrics effectively. Linking influence the return on investment is becoming essential for responsible marketing, increasingly demanded the presentation of figures clearly bring benefits to the brand. The key questions in this area focus on the need to clarify our goals and place them properly on the horizon temporary space.

The actual role of marketing. Another major challenges they face brands looking to find the efficient way to measure ROI lies in taking real responsibility that underlies the “charge”. A marketing manager is more than just promotions, campaigns and communications, you should be able to make important decisions about products and channels.

Ingrowth. We seek to obtain data to support an efficient return on our investments in social networks and for that, we need to analyze emotions.Empathy, commitment and corporate responsibility are indispensable qualities to succeed in the new reality of marketing.

The ROI is increasingly linked to the influence. Marketers who remain anchored to traditional organizations, close the doors to social influence, which is an insurmountable obstacle to measure ROI.

Great challenges, high doses of commitment and capacity for constant work and unlimitedly in meeting the needs of our customers. The social ROI exists, and is the best treasure!