5 October 2017

Searches for restaurants on smartphones often end up seating customers


A study by the Telmetrics company has concluded that consumers on their smartphones are looking for restaurant information, usually come to them almost after receiving the results. The data show that in consumer products and in the service industry, the result of an adequate presence in the network can be an increase in sales in stores and premises.

Searches for restaurants on smartphones often end up seating customersDeveloping content for websites that help search results quickly appear on search engines, and containing relevant information, can make SEO strategies a profitable part of the overall marketing strategy.

According to the study, 64% of consumers who do a search on their smartphones, in less than an hour usually approach the location closest to their location. This percentage is reduced to 44% in the case of tablet owners.

The benefit of developing local content for that type of business is clear. Mobility search has become a fast and easily usable source of information for a wide variety of industries. For the catering industry, searches allow consumers to make calls, find addresses and find places.

The value that local searches represent to consumers has led Bing and Google to improve their Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) using data from other entities and pages. In that sense, the Yelp data integration is explained earlier this year, as well as the launch of Google+ Local and the purchase and integration in May of the Zagat guides.