23 April 2016

SEO Strategy: How to choose the precise keywords to generate sales


Always before starting your SEO strategy, first it comes well analyze some “previous notions important for search engine optimization” to avoid some practices that can harm you. Seeing this, one of the first steps and practically the most important is the choice of the keywords you want to promote as this point is where all your SEO strategy pivots for:

– Develop texts appropriate to your website.

– Production of content on your blog and social networks of your company.

– Designing the strategy linkbuilding according to these words or expressions: do not forget that strategies “long tail” is often more effective compared to generic words (“wooden table” will be more effective than the word “table” for example).

SEO Strategy How to choose the precise keywords to generate salesChoosing keywords accurate to generate sales

This process will be divided into 2 phases:

A previous exercise we could do, very useful, would be “to categorize the type of keywords” that we want to work, depending on the purpose or length thereof and other parameters.

1- Discover all keywords that we can take into account: For this you have four very simple techniques:

– Autocomplete Google: It is something as simple as writing a possible keyword and see some full google the phrase (it will by the most common searches by users):

– Related searches Google: Also very simple, when you do a search you have it down completely and give you some ideas for expressions “long tail”:

– KeywordTool Google Adwords: If you get into your account, you have a choice in putting “keywords planner” and inside “look for new keyword ideas”. In this quick tutorial you can see:

– The Wordtracker tool: With this tool you can enter a keyword and gives you the options of the most popular searches.

2- Select the keywords you have more options to generate sales: At this point, we have a list of keywords relevant because they really are highly sought after in Google but that does not mean that we will all work well:

– You have to select those with significant potential but with minimal competition possible because otherwise we may be competing for keywords “impossible” unless you have a whole department working on them

– If you do good work all the phrase “who all trades”

– To select the best can use a term SEO is called KEI, the formula to calculate it is (the number of searches you can make the tool keyword adwords and the number of results when you do a search on google), the higher out more interesting will be the keyword:

– Finally use “Google Trends” to discard some last minute: A case that can be given is that the Kei out high but there is a change of trend and people are no longer looking well in Google. If so, eventually you would go wrong strategy. You can also use when you hesitate between two or more keywords.

Once you have the final list and you can start implementing your SEO strategy, yes, you have to go measuring the results and go pivoting strategy as the situation requires.

Do you think these processes important for an SEO strategy? How would you do to choose keywords?