10 July 2017

Should you be using a personal safety app?


Nowadays, it is normal for us to head out and meet with virtual strangers or people we’ve met online.

Should you be using a personal safety app

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Spontaneous outdoor runs, walking home from work after dark and heading home alone after a night out are nothing unusual, but often, these situations can leave us looking uncomfortably over our shoulder.

Statistics in England and Wales claim 97,000 adults are victims of rape each year in England and Wales. It’s not surprising that many people feel anxious, when out alone.

Promisec, specialists in endpoint security solutions (https://www.promisec.com/), has put together this list of personal safety apps for smartphones, that can send location updates, alert friends when you feel unsafe or act as alarms.

Circle of 6

An award-winning app that allows you to pick six close friends or family members that will be alerted each time you need to picked up, or need them to text or call you. One of the most popular and free safety apps, its phone, car and chat icons allow you to quickly notify your circle of 6 friends. It also comes with a danger button that reaches hotlines for domestic abuse or sexual assault, when activated.

Should you be using a personal safety app2

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Scream Alarm

A simple, free app that contains one button designed to grab attention when you need it. Once pushed, it emits a loud woman’s scream from your smartphone speaker.


A free app that contains many useful features, such as GPS, which enables your network of close friends and family, known as ‘guardians’ to track where you are. Perfect for any concerned parent, this app also has an emergency alarm which sends your exact location while recording video and audio from your phone, which if the worst should happen, can be submitted to the police for evidence.

The only downside is the effect that running GPS on your phone can have on reducing your phone battery.

Red Panic Button

Similar to Circle of 6, this free download enables you to send your location via a link to your chosen emergency contacts every time you push the red button.

You can also set up email alerts which can be sent with the local time, as well as a Facebook and Twitter option to post an emergency message on your social media pages.