19 December 2017

Six Advantages of a Hosted Phone System


Many areas of business computing have taken advantage of the cloud in recent years. But did you know that you can run your phone system in the cloud too?

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A traditional PABX system gives control of your business telephone system. But they can be expensive to both acquire and maintain, and you have to find somewhere to hide them. Switching to a hosted system in the cloud can offer you the same service with fewer drawbacks. Here’s how.

1. No On-Site Equipment

Having a hosted phone system means you don’t need to house an equipment cabinet or rack on-site, and consequently you don’t need to power and cool it, so there’s an energy saving too.

2. Smarter Working

Businesses don’t stand still for long. People change jobs or switch locations, and this can mean reprogramming of the system is needed. A hosted solution makes this much easier, as you can make changes on the fly to add or remove users. Another major advantage is that you can use softphones on computers, tablets or smartphones to allow staff to make and receive business calls through the system wherever they are located.

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3. Lower Costs

Because there’s no capital spend required to acquire the hardware, hosted systems offer a significant cost saving. By taking advantage of wholesale termination of the voice circuits through a company like https://www.idtexpress.com/, you can also benefit from lower line costs.

4. Reduced Downtime

If your phone system is on-site, there will inevitably be times when it needs to be taken offline for maintenance or upgrades. Because a hosted system is stored in the cloud and backed up by the supplier, downtime is minimised. It also means the system is still available in the event of a disaster, so your staff can easily work from elsewhere.

5. One for All

If your business operates across multiple sites, a hosted system allows all of them to use the same phone system. This means calls can be easily routed between them and customers have a single number to dial. You also have a central point to log calls for compliance.

6. Easy Upgrades

A hosted phone system means there’s no need to wait for upgrades to the software and for new features, as these can be made available as soon a they appear.