24 November 2016

Social media use their own language but you have to translate and interpret


Many companies around the world are making significant investments that allow them to take advantage of the large amount of data that digital company and customer interactions are generating.

According to a survey conducted by SAS and SourceMedia, only 12% of companies implement a Big Data strategy. Despite being one of the key themes of the moment, most organizations have not developed nor implemented a strategy of Big Data, and few are those knowing to take advantage of the wealth of information on products, customers and other sources data.

However, according reveals another related study by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail Interactive, 68% of companies intends to increase spending on marketing-related data.

Social media use their own language but you have to translate and interpretAnalyze the vast amount of data that is generated daily in the online environment is a task that takes time and experience. Another study by Gfk shows the difficulties to those found many businesses and professionals. In this regard, 62% of respondents say that their marketing strategy has improved thanks to its application. However, it should be clarified that, despite being aware of the usefulness and benefits of the use of this valuable information, only 30% of respondents consider that has the resources and tools necessary to carry out this task.

Most of these companies is aware that the information generated their audiences, customers, users or followers was essential to know them better and to direct their actions and strategies in a more efficient manner. The problem comes when you do not know how.

The data only serve if we can use them

Yes it is true that more and more companies turn to the use of specialized tools in the analysis of information generated in social settings or CRM systems for example possible to know the average period of the cycle of their relationship with the customer, but a great most companies admit that neither have sufficient knowledge and what is even worse, do not understand the benefits of making them.

For marketers, this is another of its major challenges. 1 in 4 for marketers, analyze the data for later use and development are one of its main challenges. The truth is that the data analysis is being present in an increasing number of areas within the marketing, thanks to the data obtained allow the company to better segment your target audience and customize messages addressed to them.

The new scenario of Social Big data

It is necessary to note that the characteristics and sources of data may not have the same origin, but with the emergence of social networks, the information flow related companies and brands in this type of media is increasing by leaps and bounds day after day. Control and manage this information is a challenge for these companies, but know to take more.

Nor should we fall into the clichés and common mistakes. More information does not mean that our management and use of it more efficient. Nor can we think that through it, we can control everything that is said about our company, products or brands. However, it will serve to detect sources of information which will be vital and important to focus our attention to act accordingly.

In fact, social media use their own language, and obviously there is to know translate and interpret. It is not permanently keep listening and gathering information. Virtue resides is able to interpret this information by detecting the parameters and indicators that can act accordingly, although no data, no analysis is worth. The data only serve if we can use them and it is precisely our analysis that gives meaning to the data.