5 October 2018

Social Networks has revolutionized the tourism sector and no longer only serve to socialize


Social Networks have given a boost to tourism companies and are no longer used only to make social life on the Internet, but also to plan and book vacations, consult offers …

Everyone agrees and they repeat it more and more: “social networks have changed our lives and the way of doing things.” The emergence of social networks has been for many an advantage, as in the case of -Marketing within companies.

Along with the emergence of social networks many have begun to open accounts, to fill them with our information as a place of birth, schools where we have been studying or upload photos of our daily lives. At the same time, with refined search tools, many of us have met old friends and family that we had not seen in years.

Since this phenomenon began on the Internet, many social networks have appeared, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, Tuenti, MySpace … At the same time, marketing companies are increasingly concentrating an important part of their budgets towards these pages. One of the advantages offered is that you can segment the public that reads advertising based on age, sex, place etc … which is an added value for any marketing campaign on the Internet.

At the same time most of the companies present on the Internet have been creating accounts in the most important social networks, to attract an even greater number of customers in the network. In the case of online booking companies, many of them, such as booking.com, are incorporating search engines into their public profiles. Another company, vaca.do, offers the possibility of booking a travel package directly from your profile.

Teresa Martínez, Communication Manager at Victoriacars, a vehicle rental company, highlights the value and importance of social networks. “Since we have presence in social networks we have managed to increase and improve direct communication with our real and potential clients.

“Truly, Social Networks have become an important tool for companies in the sector”