22 December 2017

Social networks In one or all?


Why this tendency to limit us? Why do not we share? We show ourselves in our fullness and in its proper measure, letting us know and understand that just as the stars use an immense framework to dazzle us, we can act on the stage of thousands of opportunities.

In the world of social networks, companies always wonder if it is better for their business to be on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, etc. There are so many networks, so varied and with goals and uses so different, that companies do not know very well which of them is the best to achieve their objectives.

In this case, the answer is the same as Fran Perea’s famous song: “one plus one is seven” or as has always been said, the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

If we work in a single social network, we can only talk to our customers through a single channel. It is important to deal with that unique and personal way, always be there, offering and implying that the client is the highest priority. But using that single vehicle we can leave much of our essence along the way, without ever knowing it. Because in this way we will reach only a small part of our target audience, since we all do not use the same but different modes of communication; with a particular language, a focused content, in short, with its good things and its bad things. In addition we will only reach a part of our target audience, since not everyone uses a single network and they do not do it in the same way.

If we work in two, three or more networks, that will allow us to offer our product and our support. In a simple chain in which it is important to form and be part as a link more. Being able to customize message and language.

If we take into account that almost everyone uses a couple of networks (almost nobody sees only one network, who does not see Facebook and Twitter, sees Twitter and Linkedin, and the one who does not, Linkedin and Google +) in this way, we can reach to our audience through different channels and sending the same message to the same person from different networks and languages, which will help us to receive the message better and retain it better in his memory.

However, social networks are not just dissemination channels. These were born, above all, to listen, share and interact. By using different networks we can contrast what customers tell us and above all, what they say about each other, giving us a much broader vision of how we are in the market and how the market perceives us.

In addition to being research laboratories that provide us with very important data, social networks are cafés in which some can conduct authentic gatherings, feed on news, information or just have fun and hang out. It becomes, therefore, an environment in which brands and companies have to be actors, without being protagonists, have to adopt a human dimension and exchange experiences with their audiences, according to the channel they use.

Not being in several social networks, it’s like picking up the phone in the office when it rings, but not having an email that clients can write to us; It is not logical and it is nonsense.

A wider range of possibilities plus transparency of the product offered by the brand, bringing the best to that final customer. Share and you will be shared.