2 November 2018

Spending on online advertising continues to grow, also in South Africa


The consultant Analytix BI has just done a study to know how to invest in online advertising in South Africa, reaching the conclusion that 10.7% of the budget designated to media advertising of the main advertisers is destined to digital platforms.

The study has taken into account the investment in search engines, websites and social networks, both computers and mobile devices. For the former, 50% of the investment goes to search engines, 69% to web pages and 51% to social networks, which means a growth during the last two years of 73%, 62% and 82% respectively. Regarding the investment in the mobile web, 26% go to search engines, 36% to web pages and 27% to social networks, which means a growth during the last two years of 76%, 74% and 70 % respectively.

The study has also analyzed online marketing campaigns, reaching the conclusion that 90% use their own website for these actions, 73% e-mail marketing, 74% SMS and 48% SEO. The estimates of use for the future are 92%, 85%, 85% and 57%, respectively.

In terms of social networks, 75% use Facebook for their campaigns, 53% Twitter, 52% YouTube and 24% LinkedIn, while the forecasts are 91%, 79%, 78% and 38% , respectively, which is why a great growth is expected for both computers and mobile devices in the coming years.

Regarding the perception that these advertisers have of the effectiveness of online advertising, 47% believe that “it helps to attract new customers”, 61% believe that “it is effective when making a brand” and 54% believe that “you can get better to the customer”.