25 November 2016

Tabs of Gmail and its impact on subscriptions and brand promotions


The Gmail inbox experience a radical shift from dividing the messages in 3 different categories, one dedicated exclusively to promotions.This was a setback for brands, at the prospect of seeing their CTR plummet in these recipients.

A new report developed by StrongView, reveals that this measure has not affected the 54% of Gmail users. Implementation of the tabs does not affect the time spent in consulting promotions sent brands to which they are subscribed. Instead, 40% does recognize that since promotional mailings are separated from the messages they receive from their contacts, pays less attention to this type of promotional content.

Tabs of Gmail and its impact on subscriptions and brand promotionsThis situation affects lesser extent young people, who show more interest in reviewing all mails coming into your inbox. StrongView indicates that young people aged 18 to 24 are 50% more likely to navigate between new tabs enabled by Gmail. While in the case of the general population, this percentage decreases to 37%. 13% of these young people, these tabs also review more than 3 times a day; 5% more than the overall average (8%).

Another point to consider is that only 56% of users confirms that uses the new interface of Gmail, so a significant number of users keeps the traditional service. Of these, 73% have not set the default options, so it is Google who is responsible for establishing what mail included within each folder. 75% say that Gmail classifies the content correctly.

How does this situation affect brands?

Much has been speculated on the effectiveness of the actions of e-mail marketing gmail addresses, although it seems that may be quiet. 88% of respondents say that this change has not lost any message. In the case of young people aged 18 to 34 years, 100% said they received all their brands mails correctly.

What device preferably used to check your email?

The computer remains the main access for users. 58.6% said they check their inbox preferably from your computer, while 34.6% goes to your smartphone. Tablets using for this purpose is not yet widespread. Just 11.3% uses for it.

The data show that brands need not fear for the effectiveness of their mailings. It is true that, with these modifications, are now customers who review such content on its own initiative. Therefore, it should strive and offer interesting proposals, so that customers of these developments are pending.