28 December 2018

The 3 pillars of the brand experience


We advance in the frantic search for that which allows us to bring the conscious and materialize into actions, the “consumer experience”. The evolution of the productive model, the social order and the cultural change through which we move, ceased to be a collateral effect of the crisis, to establish itself as a new civilization.

We are building a way of living, new needs, new interests, new trends, all in relation to the values ​​that govern coexistence and, with an indivisible relationship between production and consumption. The consumer experience is defined as the set of emotions that our brand unleashes and that results in customer loyalty (who in turn is a producer and influencer), which increases visibility and, therefore, growth. But in addition, it constitutes the indivisible link between brands and customers based on long-term relationships focused on trust.

Marketing and advertising are due to the customer, this has always been the case, although it may seem otherwise. The current consumer seeks ethics, trust, values, commitments, and all this must be reflected in actions coherent with the performance of the brand once the relationship is established, both in the online and offline worlds.

There is no doubt that, for this, it is necessary to have a fingerprint, a social identity. We must find our brand experience! The brand experience consists of the creation of something unique, obtained from the relationship that the customer maintains globally with everything that involves our brand.

Constancy and perseverance

No strategy designed to establish firm and long-term ties, fed back and based on the joint benefit, can be inconsistent. The establishment of the links that make up the “experiences” of brand and consumer, can only be forged at a similar pace, to the necessary to generate trust and credibility.

Personality, self-identity, intention

The brands must have clear objectives that they pursue but also, that the focus is on the client today. The personality of the brands is a determining factor in the construction of experiences.

The consumer today seeks unique opinions, new reliable leaders, is eager for information that allows him to continue growing through the know. Building a brand experience is not possible without addressing the responsibility that the new company has in the constant training of its target audience, the more information is shared, the more innovative ideas will see the light.

In the details is the difference

There are many variables that affect the construction of social relationships, brands are still confused by concepts such as added value. Let’s simplify, it is in the small details that we can unleash emotion. If we achieve trust through actions that show our values ​​and ethics, we will have a great competitive difference.

Conclusions, reinventing yourself is essential to build a Brand Experience

If we look for “memorable shopping experiences” that give us visibility, influence, growth, that transform loyalty in a step prior to the evangelization of our clients, we should not take lightly the importance that values ​​and ethics are acquiring and when of both there is implicit in the way in which we relate.

Generating a brand experience is only possible if we are really willing to accept that the change has already occurred and now, the creation is not measured but in the whole of our community.

And let’s not forget that the brand is in each member of the team, internal clients with their own influence that collaborate actively with the construction of a global brand experience. An experience that does not provide satisfaction to our clients (internal and external) does not provoke emotion and falls into oblivion.

We must accept the change, if we seek to generate experiences, reinvent ourselves, it is the only way to build a brand experience!