13 October 2017

The 4 P’s of Social Media without shortcuts


For various reasons such as crisis, ignorance, novelty, misleading advertising, etc. Customers looking for the services of a Social Media agency tend to think that they will quickly and cheaply get publicity, online presence, good reputation and a handful of followers. Nothing is further from reality.

The 4 P's of Social Media without shortcutsIn Social Media as in almost everything in life requires what we like to call the 4 P’s:


Nothing works without passion, but one of the best features of social media is that they do not allow faces, so if you go to discover you need a good dose of passion so that what you transmit reaches your audience.

Strategic plan

Today there are many social networks, many tools, different public targets, different marketing budgets, different sizes of companies or brands and therefore you need a plan to be able to evaluate the results: Target Audience, Actual Budget, Duration of each action , Concrete objectives.


From our point of view is the most important “P”, if you believe in “something” and you are on the right track, all you have to do is keep walking, do not hesitate and you will reach your goal.


That road we talk about has no shortcuts, needs a maturation time (different in each case). Do not despair, do not compare yourself with others, economic difficulties will make you think about “cutting” ahead of time, have patience and believe.

In our experience with clients, we are attracted to attention, as those who knew what they wanted, how much could be spent and given a sufficient maturation time (at least a year) before evaluating, are the ones that are getting higher returns from their online presence.

Lastly, you should never forget that marketing strategies are 360º and therefore you need to combine actions online with offline, do not make separate plans and make it all part of a global strategy.