16 September 2017

The 5 S of Competitive Email Marketing


When you send an email marketing campaign, what interests us most as a company is that our customers read the emails sent to them and beyond that, they click on the content or perform the purchase action. 

The 5 S of Competitive Email MarketingFor this to happen we offer you some suggestions that you should not forget to make your submissions more and more interesting, competitive and valuable:

Simplicity: The newsletter should be as navigable and simple as possible, structuring the content in a way simple and effective, in order to minimize the effort that the subscriber has to make to find a particular link or read certain information.

Subscription:Email marketing is based on “permission marketing”, meaning all communications must be sent to people who have given their express permission to receive emails from our company. Never buy, rent or borrow a database of other companies or businesses, because if you make submissions from you, you will be incurring one of the most harmful and badly seen practices of today: Spam. You have to take care of your brand, distinguish yourself from Spammers. The responsible and efficient use of this medium is what allows to have high conversion rates and ROI.

Security: You must follow good practices of email marketing and international standards so that your company is not confused with a Spammer, and so that your communications by email are not leaked. The basic rules are: include unsubscribe link, include physical address of your business, include link See Online, do not try to draw too much attention with large fonts or strong colors like red, never put URLs in the text of your email, never notes a link to an IP, that the html weighs little (not more than 50kb in the possible), among other things.

Segmentation: One of the best features that distinguishes email marketing from other advertising media is that you can segment your recipient base by selecting only those who may be interested in your newsletter content. This will generate a very good image in your customers as they receive the information they requested and the return on investment they will have will be much higher.

Significant: Create emails with relevant content that is of value to your customers, is perhaps the most important factor in keeping your subscribers and maintaining good reading rates. The content must be quality, it is preferable to prioritize this, before the frequency of sending, for example, you can send only 1 newsletter per month but good quality, instead of sending 1 per week with little content and not so relevant, nor significant. We hope these excellent 5 S of competitive email marketing have been useful, contributing to your campaigns success, value and integrity.