17 January 2016

The 7 benefits of social initiative


 1. You will have a more positive image of yourself

Yes, this is probably the greatest benefit of all. Feel able to take the first step will lead you to be better about yourself and perceive you freer, which will become a virtuous circle that will help you interact more effectively and satisfactorily.

The 7 benefits of social initiative

2. You will not have to wait for others to move first

Make your own decisions and be an actor in your own movie. Wonderful, is not it? If you wait for others to move first you limit things will happen or not. However, if you are the cause of your own actions back your self-esteem is strengthened and you can create incredible situations simply by taking the initiative. Somehow, if you change the way you think you can also change the world around you.

3. You will generate positive emotions in yourself (and rebound, in the other)

Feel good and others feel good about. By taking the initiative in a social situation you feel good about yourself and will convey that emotion to others. Remember that emotions are contagious and the most common response is a smile another smile.

You catch it by taking the initiative that positive feeling to others, who in turn are more likely to make you feel good to you, closing the circle of positive emotions.

4. You will make others interested in you

As you like it when someone is interested in you, also like others. Show an active interest in someone generates positive feelings and others it will also become interested in you. This will be greater mutual understanding and an atmosphere of trust that will lead to a more fulfilling and positive relationship will be created, reducing the chance that your fears are fed.

5. You will face your fears

Confront situations that cause anxiety usually make you grow personally. This will strengthen your self-esteem and facilitate you to take the initiative more often, dwarfing gradually your fears.Remember that the only way to eliminate fear is to face it. There is no other.

The more you expose those social situations that generate fear, you will get more resources and experience and as a result will experience fewer fears or insecurities.

6. Learn to emerge stronger from negative situations

There are two ways to take a defeat: suffer for it and want to go back and accept defeat and learn for future experiences. I prefer the second and I do that only by accepting the facts and learning from the past can be a better future.

You are taking the initiative in social events you expose yourself to rejection, ridicule, lack of interest and other disasters, but only by accepting the reality and learning from it you will feel better.

Remember, if you do not take the initiative and not do not reject the ridiculous, but neither want nor you will be interested in you. If you do not give an opportunity no one can know what you have to offer.

7. Improve your communication

Practice is the mother of all sciences, says the famous phrase. And it is true. The more you move, you better practice and social environments is the way you communicate and you will gain more resources.

Exposing you get more resources and expertise and improve the way you communicate with others, causing people to feel more comfortable with you and that you enjoy most in such social situations.