9 November 2017

The banners enjoy a great acceptance in mobile advertising


Throughout the world, banners are still at the top of the advertisers’ preference when it comes to making their advertising messages reach the market. Internet users are already accustomed to many years of publicity, but in mobility, the ability to see and click is an activity in a certain novel way that seems to attract the attention of the consumer.

The banners enjoy a great acceptance in mobile advertisingA recent study by the consultancy Mediamind, has revealed that the acceptance of the banners in mobile advertising achieves a CTR (clicktrough rate) of acceptance noticeably higher than those achieved in the banners seen in desktop computers.

The CTR percentages of mobile banners range from 0.42% in Asia-Pacific to 1.41% in EMEA, both starting from a CTR of 0.1% in desktop banners.

The mobile banners also exceed the percentages obtained by the “rich media ads”, which get very varied percentages according to the advertiser industry, from 0.11% of the B2B to 0.33% of the entertainment industry.

This study confirms the trend shown last year in another study by the same consultancy that came to assess the effectiveness of mobile advertising up to 6 times more effective than traditional banners