2 March 2020

The Best Car and Racing Games To Play Past and Present


 If you remember playing a racing game in an arcade, you would have played a few of the best racing games of all time; going against your friends in a friendly competition of virtual car racing really seemed to make childhoods that much more fun. Gaming has really evolved over the last 30 years, and many new racing and car games have graced our games consoles.

Project Gotham Racing 

This game series was created by Bizarre Creations, and was first released for the Xbox Classic in 2001 – it became one of the best selling Xbox Classic games. The game involves racing other cars and earning ‘kudos points’ to progress you to the next levels. The game series has released a further 6 games since then.

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Forza Motorsport 

With its first release in 2005, the Forza game series has gone from strength to strength. The franchise is split into two game series – Forza Motorsport, and Forza Horizon. The games include a mixture of real-life and fictional race tracks to race on. The Forza Horizon game series was released in 2012, and is based on a fictional festival in Colorado called the ‘Horizon Festival’. If you are feeling serious ‘car envy’ by playing this game, then you might want to get in touch with a Car Leasing Gloucestershire based company such as mphvehiclesolutions.co.uk, who can help you find you your dream car.  

Mario Kart 

A huge part of Nintendo’s ‘Mario and Luigi’ Franchise is Mario Kart; its first game ‘Super Mario Kart was released in 1992 on the SNES and has since had a further 8 games released. The idea of the game is to compete against other players to come first in the race, and on the race tracks you can pick up ‘item boxes’ which select an item from random; these items can be used to make your character faster for a period of time, to protect yourself from other players, and to sabotage other players. If you like the look of this game franchise, then you might want to check out other Mario games.

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Crazy Taxi 

Crazy Taxi was, and still is a popular arcade game, but was also released on a range of different game consoles too. The idea of this game is to pick up someone in your car and reach certain checkpoints and areas before the time runs out, and the more people you can pick up in that time frame, the more points you’ll earn. This game was released on consoles such as SEGA, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, XBOX and Playstation Portable. 

Need For Speed 

Need for Speed is a popular racing game with gaming enthusiasts; it was first released in 1994, and is based around ‘street racing’. The idea is to win the race, and gain more points to progress in the game; it includes a wide variety of racing tracks, and different types of cars to keep you entertained.