27 November 2018

The Best Offices in the UK


Today many companies are creating novel workspaces with the goal of increasing efficiency. Here are the most productivity-boosting offices.

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1. Splunk, London

At this data firm, themed meeting rooms have been designed to encourage creativity. Who could resist a train carriage? Employees can round off the day with a game of pool and a beer.

2. Bright HR, Manchester

Bright HR in Manchester keep their staff bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In Pirate Time, workers are encouraged to do something ground-breaking, and there is a 50-ft indoor garden along with bean bags, games consoles and comfy chairs. Team-building, productivity and creative activity all thrive.

3. Virgin Money, Edinburgh

‘Blue sky thinking’ is now considered a rather cringe-worthy sentiment. But at Virgin Money’s office, sleek sofas are topped by a ‘sky ceiling’. This LED light installation represents the sun’s route across the sky, remaining bright even when skies are gloomy outside.

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4. Ticketmaster, London

Ticketmaster’s HQ caters to employees’ inner child with breakout rooms, hackathon events, launch events, client functions and dance classes. Best of all is a giant slide that takes you between floors faster than a lift.

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The Guardian lists the best employers in 2018: https://www.theguardian.com/careers/2018/mar/06/top-employers-uk-2018.

5. Airbnb, London

Airbnb knows the formula for a chilled workforce. Inside their London office employees can recline, stand or simply lie down as they work. Introverts can use a library and individual quiet kiosks.

The architect designed the workplace around a ‘belong anywhere’ concept. Work space and social space blend, encouraging wellness and creativity.

6. BBC North, Salford

There are futuristic, eccentric meeting booths ranged around BBC North’s campus at Salford’s MediaCity. Workers comment that space is used effectively in the seating areas: they allow enough privacy to talk, with a foothold still in the office. Collaboration and creativity result.

7. Google, London

The mighty Google has landed in the UK with panache. Its Kings Cross office is fitted with pods for power naps, a running track, a capacious gym and a scooter room.

Employees appreciate the restaurants, juice and coffee bars. They also enjoy massages – a reward for good performance. All data is compiled on a swipe card which monitors a worker’s every activity.