10 February 2018

The Importance of ‘Content Healing’ for the Community Manager


The Community Manager is, par excellence, the professional profile within the world that more tasks must be done within a company, such as writing content and viralize them, as well as being aware of the mails and messages that come from the audience and answer them, or what is the same, must perform the work of customer service.

But, in all that you have to do in your daily life, there is one aspect in which the emphasis is never given, since it is taken a little more lightly, and that is the aspect of the Community Manager as Curator of Content (content curator).

We do not stop listening that the Content is fundamental, that is the King, and that is indisputable, as it has already been more than demonstrated. We can never forget that without content there is nothing. If we do not have something of value to give or offer to our audience, we have nothing and our work will be useless.

But, apart from creating content, which is very good, and is very positive for our reputation, we must share the content of others following the Principle or the Pareto Law, better known as the 80-20 rule, which advocates that of the total of content that we share, only twenty percent must be our own.

For this reason, we must take special care to select the content that we will share with our audience, always taking into account their interests and tastes, since, we repeat once again, if we do not add value to our followers, we will leave to be interesting to them and they will not follow us anymore.

We must take into account the quality of the content, choosing articles written by influential or relevant users, since, apart from being interesting, the name that supports them will make them easily viralizable, with which we will benefit from retweets and mentions of other users in terms, above all, of visibility.

This shows us that brands have also gone from exclusively generating their own content to becoming owners of interaction channels where resources and relevant information are shared, of interest and impact from other media and sources for the enjoyment of their users, fans and followers.

The role of the Community Manager as a Content Curator is important because it is who chooses the information that can be shared, and has, not only the obligation, but the responsibility, to keep the brand hooked to the audience, making it return to We are looking for interesting and relevant information, to keep constantly updated. In addition, the image and content that the audience has of it will largely depend on the information and content that they select for the brand, since, if the information we share is not relevant, we will be considered a brand that abuses and practices spam, nothing plus.

Always, in all media, who has the information has the power, but Social Networks have made it possible for quality information and content to be democratized and accessible to all, the only thing to do is a screen between the information and the many articles that are published, sometimes duplicated or sometimes irrelevant, and share with our audience the best we can find or generate ourselves. We agree?