3 November 2017

The importance of the tone of conversations in the Social media


Culture consists of knowing how to adapt to all the possible registers, and in Social Media it is also necessary to follow that maxim. 

The importance of the tone of conversations in the Social mediaWhen we put ourselves at the controls of social profiles we always have to bear in mind that we are talking about the brand, so we must take special care that the voice we provide is absolutely appropriate with the philosophy and brand image, adapting our registration and our way of communicating with the community to the needs of the company.

There are many professionals and experts who recommend establishing a close and affable tone so that the user, the Internet user feel that closeness to the brand that is intended to achieve, in this way, achieve greater engagement on a personal and emotional level.

If what we are developing is our own personal brand, we ourselves will be the ones who will establish the tone in which we will communicate with others, having much more freedom, but still it is necessary to follow a series of implicit norms and accepted by all users , both brands and customers.

We must take into account an important detail, and that is if we talk to users in a language that they are not able to understand will be much more complicated that our message reaches those users, so it is of utmost importance that we speak to our users in your same language Imagine that we are in a foreign country, for example, in Germany, and we stop a person on the street to ask where there is an ATM, but we do not speak German, what do you think would happen, would that person understand us? No, in all safety.

In Social Media it is the same. If we do not choose the right tone, the language in which we are going to communicate with our community, not only will we not reach it, but it will reject us.

To make sure that we are going to reach our users effectively, before starting to interact with them, it is best to spend a little time listening to them, seeing how they talk, how they communicate with each other, what vocabulary they use, what tone (is it very formal tone or more relaxed ?, and once analyzed calmly, and only then, when we are sure that we will not create discords between us and the audience, engage them, talk and communicate.

This is something that It is not usually given much importance, but, it is essential to take it into account, because if we are not able to reach our community, our work will not be worth anything.