29 December 2017

The influence of companies and brands present in social networks increases among online consumers


Although many companies do not just see the influence of social networks on their sales or popularity, it seems that their users do have it very clear, so much that a high percentage of them, increasingly, prefer to buy brands present in they.

The study conducted through a survey by the company AYTM Market Research shows how 58.3% of consumers follow or relate in some way to companies in social networks. Likewise, we see how 10% of them ensure that the content that companies share with them has a regular impact and if they are involved in their purchasing decisions.

The same study ensures that 40% of respondents prefer to purchase products from companies that maintain their presence in social networks, while 60% believe that the brand’s social activity does not directly impact their purchasing decisions. The evident increase in the number of consumers that use social networks to search for companies and products demonstrates the growth of the importance of this channel.

Taking into account these data, it seems that using marketing in social networks is a good way for companies to strengthen their presence with consumers. Sharing links with followers can improve the traffic of the Web and answer your questions as a way of customer service can improve the reputation of the brand as well.

In addition, 62.8% of respondents say that the fact that the brand and its social campaigns are accessible to consumers gives them value as well. In essence, seeing the questions asked by other consumers and knowing the promotions of companies through social networks facilitates consumers’ interest in acquiring the products. For companies, marketing in social networks can also help them to strengthen other aspects or strategies such as SEO or the positioning of their own brand in Internet search engines.