3 December 2015

The key factors for your next business SEO campaign


When you are launching an SEO campaign for your B2B brand, you need to know that you are planning for success.
business SEO campaign

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Whether you are delivering via an in-house resource or using a Gloucester SEO agency, these tips will set you up to achieve your objectives.


All SEO campaigns need excellent usage of highly-relevant, target keywords, which can only be obtained after in-depth research and analysis of competitor sites to work out how your customers and prospects are looking online for the services or products that you and your competitors offer. Knowledge will give you the edge in this field, so don’t skimp on this research and analysis stage.

When you have gathered up this list of relevant and necessary keywords, look for those that can give you the greatest return. Typically, these will be words that have not been heavily incorporated into digital assets by your competitors. An agency such as http://digi-tel.co.uk/ can assist with this stage.

From this stage you can identify keywords that will make the best use of terminology for your industry, integrating terms that support the solutions that your business provides. This can help to give you an edge in a crowded digital space. From this point you will need to create regular and fresh content that uses these ‘demand generation’ terms.

Inbound links

The key here is quality, with only certain inbound links worth pursuing. Poor quality links can actually damage your campaign, as search engines view their inclusion as a sign that rogue SEO tactics are being used to manipulate the latest algorithm. Penalties can apply and you may find your site slipping down the rankings; instead, work to generate links from quality, reputable and authoritative websites in your field.


It is crucial to get your navigation right, as search engines use it to index your site by ‘crawling’. Poorly-structured websites can impede this and result in your site being indexed less frequently and in an incomplete way.


It is essential to submit your website to reputable online directories − but only relevant and authoritative directories.


Last but not least, your content must be compelling and relevant, so that it is reposted and shared, to boost your SEO value through social links and shares. Make sure it includes meta descriptions, keywords and optimised title tags.