18 April 2016

The key to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur


Once started the New Year may your head take a walk with desires, goals and future visions of what you want I see become the next few years. The figure of the serial entrepreneur success is desired in many cases because:

  • Symbolizes success repeatedin different projects
  • Symbolizesthe power to adapt and succeed in different scenarios
  • Symbolizes theknow how to build business models that work for its founder, not vice versa

The dangers of wanting to be a serial entrepreneur

Marked riding objective startups in series and be alone present to founding them and grow them have its risks:

  • Tofall into the mistake of undertaking a hurry thinking about future projects
  • Suffer demotivationhalfway because the direction of the company does not meet your expectations
  • Do not leave the business in good hands or without being at their bestand it is finished destroying the existing business and customers

The key to becoming a successful serial entrepreneurThe keys to become an entrepreneur in series of success

If at the end you desire can the dangers and doubts, you can write this story to have it in your way:

1- The keys to success in a previous project will not serve the same in another context and in another business: Many entrepreneurs have happened that focus on what they did well in the past and so fierce persevere to overcome other difficulties. This can sometimes be a serious problem.

2- Delegating properly and not disavow if not absolutely necessary: If what attracts you is be present in various projects, unless you have super powers, have to delegate some activities or even some entire business. If you do, the choice is crucial for the proper functioning. And for this person to be 100% involved, you will be missing left hand touch and not to discredit it in important decisions.

3- The phases of the growth cycle, mostly, repeat: This can help you to implement some methodologies and certain “know-how” acquired that may be helpful.

4- Do not get overconfident in a second project: Some entrepreneurs when they picked up a win, start with another company surrounded by an “aura” of supreme confidence in its possibilities that can play a trick by not working with the utmost intensity and caution in the new project.

5- Perseverance and patience: When we have been “poisoned” great stories with young prodigy as protagonists and some films of the same subject may give the false impression that good idea things can go ruts in a short time without “muss” too. Nothing further from reality.

6- Leave overdriving the end: This is a difficult point but if an entrepreneur goes too excited in the early stages of the project has the danger of deflation on the way and not get strong enough down the road which is the gutter true.

7- Great ability to attract talent to your cause: The great entrepreneurs all have this ability as they are well aware that they have no choice alone to get to the point where the startup can be viable.