5 April 2016

The keys to consider yourself a modern marketer


I think we all agree that marketing in recent years has substantially changed, a good marketing manager is highly demanded in knowledge and is more open to even be considered a modern marketer fronts.

There are some global trends that have profoundly affected their daily lives:

  • Disturbing social media universe
  • Variety of electronic devices and mobility thereof: tablets, smartphones….
  • Big data: There is access to a large amount of data to be able to interpret and develop strategies following them

If we want to “dissect” what today we might consider a modern marketing manager or marketer will realize that we need to develop two major facets: the artistic and the scientific part.

The keys to consider yourself a modern marketerNew artistic half marketer

This is the part that needs to be creative and be inspired to elicit favorable reactions with the target audience you want to run. He will have to develop in 4 areas:

1- Marketing content: ability to create content and develop a strategy of “content marketing” to get attention and help achieve objectives.

2- Visual components: know how to use graphics, photos, and videos … to win virility, submit content or to develop sales material is essential part of design with these visual elements.

3- Social media: design ways to interact with users in social networks and manage future social relationships to build loyalty to the audience.

4- Email Marketing: planning and designing campaigns that create impact and generate good reactivity in the database of the company.

Half of new scientific marketer

Once developed the most artistic part, you have to be accompanied by the analytical part and measuring a set of data that allows the marketing manager to make strategic decisions. Mainly in 3 areas:

1- Operations: the new marketer is often little budget and a lot of responsibility to know how to invest the resources head and with the best chance of monetizing investments.

2- Web Analytics: for decision-making is important to know how users behave on the web, therefore, management reports Google analytics is essential.

3- CRM and Big data: All data that leave us users have to be interpreted, well stored and used rationally to achieve the objectives. This requires a good CRM program.

New obligations

Acting accordingly with the strengths that must have a modern marketer, will arise new obligations not to be outdone in its mission:

  • Be very up to date on new technologies
  • Work your creative skills and be “open minded” to be a sponge new content to help it
  • Having easy decision after a thorough analysis of all data generated by the company

What are for you the keys to consider a modern marketer?