24 March 2017

The New Tool That Will Make Life Easier for Web Designers


One of the biggest problems facing the web designer is, ironically, the client. When you spend time and energy creating a stunning website, it’s frustrating trying to get the client to produce the relevant information in a timely manner. Designers have to spend precious time chasing up their clients, trawling through old emails and trying to reformat content that the client hasn’t presented in an appropriate way.

The New Tool That Will Make Life Easier for Web Designers

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According to Digital Journal, a new program is about to make life a lot easier for web designers to get the information they need from their clients, painlessly and easily.

Content Snare

The program that is causing excitement in the web design industry is called Content Snare. The creators claim that it will allow web designers to concentrate on the job in hand without distractions, which will boost their productivity and turnover at the same time. They also believe that the program will lead to fewer mistakes during the design process and increase client satisfaction too.

The program works as an automated content-gathering tool, saving the design team time – and as well know, time is money! According to the makers of Content Snare, users simply create a layout for the content in a simple, structured way that the client can easily understand. They then use the program to chase up the information that they need, receiving an email when content is completed and ready for them to action. Then all they have to do is simply copy and paste the content into their new site, with no reformatting, and no time spent chasing up the information.

The New Tool That Will Make Life Easier for Web Designers2

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Not the First

This is not the first program to try to make the web designer’s life easier. Currently, some web developers use packages to aid the design process with client involvement. For example,¬†one Drupal agency (https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-development-agency),¬†although uses programmes also uses a metholodgy called SCRUM to involve the client through every stage of the website development process.

However, Content Snare is the latest program claiming to improve designer and client interactions. The program is due to be released this month and is generating excitement in the web design world, leading to speculation that it could become an industry standard. Web developers hope that it will enable them to increase their workloads without compromising quality, which ultimately means an increase in profits.