31 August 2017

The reality of Social Media must be seen, accepted and adapted if we do not want to stay behind


Jaime Pelegrí is Sales Manager for YouTube & Display on Google. With more than 7 years of experience in Online Advertising and Mobile, is one of the teachers of the Master of Social Media Marketing KSchool.  With him we have talked to discover the latest trends, present and future of marketing in social networks to offer you this interesting interview.

The reality of Social Media must be seen, accepted and adapted if we do not want to stay behindMarketing in Social Networks, has changed the way people interact, how has it influenced the way companies communicate?

Indeed, Social Networks are a phenomenon of our lives that have revolutionized, rather than changed, the way people relate. In the same way, they are modifying the way of communication that companies establish with their customers or consumers.

This is an increasingly important influence, but there is still a long way to go. Many companies are slow to adapt to changes that occur so quickly over time, have a hard time seeing reality and still rely on traditional media that have always worked for them. But reality must be seen and accepted, and adapted if we do not want to stay behind. It seems clear that Social Networks have arrived to stay, and their influence will be increasing in the communication between brands-customers. There is still time to embrace them, but the later they become more likely to lose opportunities.

What role do social networks play in setting results-oriented marketing strategies?

In current times, practically all companies are betting one way or another on the marketing of results. Due in large part to the complicated economic situation we live in, return is one of the most important elements to be taken into account by companies. In this way, online marketing plays a decisive role because of its ability to measure absolutely everything and, logically, social platforms and networks allow, among other things, to achieve great segmentation and reach targets of all kinds.

Are companies taking advantage of the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

In my opinion, as I said before, there is a long way to go and only some companies are taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Social Media Marketing. Cases such as Red Bull, Campofrío and Tippex are still relatively isolated actions although they generate a lot of noise and obtain a return of the important investment precisely because of the effect of virality caused by the networks themselves. They are brands that are positioning themselves in this social environment assuming risks and that I am sure will see rewarded this effort to have been pioneers. Little by little other companies will follow and in a not very wide term we will see many more benefiting from the enormous advantages of having a presence in Social Media.

Is Marketing in Social Networks effective for all types of companies and products?

Social networks allow advertisers a customization of their campaigns that until now was unknown. Being able to reach very detailed levels of segmentation (age, gender, geographical location, etc.) makes it possible for any company to practically find its way of communication with its target audience, logically always respecting users’ privacy, with formats the least intrusive possible and turning marketing into additional information.

At present, what do you find in the Social Media professionals? and what would you recommend to someone who wants to enter this world?

More than shortcomings among Social Media professionals, what I find is that there is a lack of professionals dedicated to this important area within the companies, and I am amazed at how exciting this world is, the possibilities they offer and especially the coming future, where it will become a fundamental aspect of Marketing and any Director will have to know.

I would recommend to anyone who wants to enter this world the first thing that is formed and deepen in all aspects related to Social Networks, which gives passion and motivation to learn.

In a multinational like YouTube, at the forefront of the most innovative Online Marketing Strategies, can you venture to comment on where you think Social Media Marketing is going to evolve?

Look, on YouTube until we have surprised ourselves how the social aspect has been rapidly integrated into the platform, how important it is that we take into account that it is a social medium that generates a lot of interactivity. To give you just a few facts, about one in three YouTube users comment on videos, 2 out of 5 upload videos, 1 in 2 videos very regularly, and 1 in 2 online videos with other people. Hence the importance of what we speak. The future is even more promising and inclusive, in the sense that I think Social Media Marketing will continue to evolve in such a way that the entire digital ecosystem will be much more integrated. Let’s see a continuous evolution, this has only just begun.

Do you participate as a teacher in the Master of Social Media Marketing KSchool is there a competitive training in this area?

As far as I know, in the last two or three years attractive social media training programs have started to appear, mainly in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. They are programs that are beginning and that every year they go to more. KSchool’s Social Media Marketing Master is an example of good options for students, with interesting content, high-level teaching staff who work day-to-day in large companies in the sector, and also at a reasonable price. I encourage those potential students who are thinking to take a turn, certainly not regret.

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