20 July 2016

The Toolkit for managing Social Media you should know


Actively participate in social conversation, and develop an adequate presence in the 2.0 environment requires the use of tools that allow real-time tracking activity, identify needs and detect trends.

To help in this task, we have developed a selection of basic tools to properly manage social networks:

SumAll, a visualization tool that allows control from a single interface activity develops the brand across multiple platforms. Included Twitter or Facebook to MailChimp, WordPress, Bit.ly or Adsense. Definitely a useful scorecard that will facilitate many tasks and management review.

SproutSocial. Another complete application useful to monitor and manage activity on social networks. Its main value is the large number of statistics showing and their application as CRM.

The Toolkit for managing Social Media you should knowTweetBinder. An application that allows real – time monitoring hashtags, obtaining full results on the number of messages and most active tweeters, based on very visual graphics. Really effective in the case of making a complete tracking events or topics.

Bottlenose. Allows the graphical display areas of interest related to a particular topic. A solution to identify trends, related sectors and a new world of possibilities that will serve to enrich our content strategy.

Rival IQ. Follows closely the evolution of your competition with this application, which allows to know from their influence and activity in major social networks from Facebook to Instagram, and track this path.

Followerwok. Find out who are your followers. What is your profile, where they are, their influence and activity on Twiter. A complete picture for how are the members of your community, and discover their interests and concerns.

BuzzSumo. Discover what content is best works in the social network. Enter a search term and see how social networking is being used more and what type of content is most relevant is. Ideal for detecting conversations, topics of interest, influencers and relevant sites.

Twazzupp. Ideal for detecting real – time conversations and influencers. It offers search results based on the relevance of the topic of interest, as well as a ranking of the most active users around that topic. The perfect complement to encourage engagement enTwitter.

SocialBro. A tool that allows insight into activity on your Twitter profile and your entire community. Analyzed from the number of followers, until his influence index, and activity. It also allows to know who recently stopped following, and manage your twitterers community easily and intuitively.

Mention the quintessential tool for monitoring online reputation. Mention allows you to track mentions about the brand and its competition in the online sphere. Essential to make full time monitoring and identify any attack on our brand.

Buffer. Complete tool for programming publications on social networks. It highlights its ability to link with WordPress, so that you can automatically replicate each new post, based on your settings.

Hootsuite could not miss in this list. The essential complement to any Community Manager. Its main added value lies in the multitude of applications that operate on their environment; making it possible for RSS readers link to our WordPresss.

Friends + I. The ideal way to automate the tool Google+ presence. It allows programming publications and replicate such activity in other platforms.

Oktopost is a tool aimed specifically at B2B companies. A complete control panel that allows to track publications, in order to measure the actual value of each share. Relevant information that allows design – oriented strategies capture leads.