27 September 2016

The vital importance of online reputation is a great asset for businesses


Reputation is always one of the most important assets a company has, and now, online reputation is even more important for all of them because the vast majority of users before making decisions on purchases, conduct an investigation or Internet search to see what other consumers recommend products that offer greater guarantees and services that companies are more reliable and provide better service to its customers.

Social media are the most active channels in that sense, and 2.0 revolution what he has done is to democratize a little more the situation, giving users the opportunity to review and evaluate a company, making your voice to be noticed and impinges other consumers both directly and in the same companies.

Online Reputation Management - Mak DigitalsNetworks allow us to express ourselves in a very nice way about a brand, but we can demonize and in that sense, the voice runs much faster than we can imagine. If the company does not take the reins and controls immediately, you can unleash real catastrophes and reputation could be damaged severely.

Today, companies are being launched on social networks but not all know what to do there and make mistakes that often, pay dearly. Send spam, self-promotion or do not provide any value are just some of the most common mistakes, but there is one that really dig his own grave, and is the managing bad reviews.

If you have users who complain of recurrent on some aspect of the company, as could be the functionality of our website, we can not turn a deaf ear but is required to listen and always, but always, try to improve or correct errors.

Today, companies are realizing the power of social networks and often act quickly, but many still do askance when on many occasions, attending the request of users should not be a reason to be proud, but to understand in short, what they are doing is helping us to grow, to improve and be more reliable for everyone.

A company that listens to its users begin to build loyalty, and if we have a person who harasses us abruptly, just send a message with a phone or e-mail contact or order by instructing to assess what is happening or He needs, and solving it at that time, you can turn a negative user in the staunchest defender of the brand.

But we should not just wait for the bomb to act, but must continuously monitor the Web and above all, actively participate in each channel we have open to prevent the one hand, but to generate brand awareness.

We have at our disposal dozens of tools to manage our reputation as being Google Alerts and we can also use sites like Feedster or Technorati to see our brand on blogs, we can customize the RSS to keep our brand or monitor sites and directories related to our industry.

Every action is welcome and will help us maintain a strong and robust online reputation, which ultimately favors only the company, keeping well satisfied and happy users, as mentioned above, they will slowly becoming loyal fans of the brand and advocates of it when necessary.

As said Tony Sousa, director of Acceleration Media once, “The online reputation, customers and other stakeholders are saying about companies and businesses in the ‘social web’, has a real and measurable impact” and it is something we must bear in mind to last over time at a time when changes are visible to everyone.