23 June 2016

The webrooming wins: consumers spend more offline


Facing the fear that customers access to physical stores with the sole intention of having the product in their hands, to finally turn to the Internet for the best proposal to buy it, traders can rest easy: customers spend more on online shops.

It is included in the latest Harris Poll, where the importance of show rooming in the buying process is evident; although it has yet to be imposed on the webrooming. 49% of American consumers say they have accessed internet at this time to compare gifts; which implies a slight increase over the previous year (46%). Also, 69% preferred to use the Internet for ideas and inspiration, to finally go out towards the shop, intending to buy.

The webrooming wins consumers spend more offlineAll told, the webroomers not only outnumber the showroomers, but the final amount of your purchases is also superior. The study data indicate that those who buy on the internet after having gone through traditional stores spent an average of $ 156.40 per purchase. This figure has significantly decreased compared to that recorded in 2012 ($ 21.80).Meanwhile, the average consumer buying, after searching the internet finally formalized their purchase in establishments, this year exceeded $ 200 ($ 200.70).

Definitely, the webrooming outperformed the showrooming?

The answer is, it depends; especially, the type of product to buy. The survey reflects differences in the type of product, when deciding to order it online, or physically buy it. Specifically, when buying books, customers opt for internet.

In the case of electronics products, 35% get them at traditional stores, while 29% prefer a remarkable and internet address. Also, despite the high degree of acceptance of online clothing stores and shoes, priority customers still frequent the shops.

Certainly, the holidays have propelled the showrooming, though not enough to overcome the webrooming. Estimates of Tecmark indicate that this year, half the buyers will practice showrooming, compared with 24% that we saw two years ago. As expected, the Millennials are the main supporters to buy online after going through the store.

As a link, we can not forget a key figure in the process. In both cases, the webrooming as showrooming, mobile devices act as key players. A trend that is consolidated, with the addition that more and more consumers end their purchases directly from these smart terminals.