15 September 2016

Those over 50, the forgotten by brands


There is a niche market as or more important than the Millennials, and untapped. This is Baby Boomers, who, entering middle age, feel the vitality of youth, and have greater purchasing power than later generations.

Instead, they feel excluded from brands and therefore totally misunderstood. As recorded by the study by Research Now, only 11% of these consumers believe that brands are interested in them. However, 20% feel completely marginalized by them.

According to Amanda Wigginton, Director of IPC Media, there are many myths about this target audience who are not are true, like the fact that they are faithful to their traditional brands, or are reluctant to use the technology. However, they constitute a niche market with more free time than Millennials, and more financial resources.

Those over 50, the forgotten by brandsConsumers 50 and older are still considered young, but brands them obviated in its communication strategy. They do not feel at all identified with advertising brands, such as in the case of fashion, especially aimed at women up to 35 years. Women around 50 are own needs, and seek clothes that feel comfortable and elegant. Instead, they are ignored by the major clothing brands, focused mainly on young girls.

Technology is not a problem for consumers in the golden age

Radius Global Market Research reflected in his study published in January that 86% of boomers see internet frequently for information on those products in which they are interested. The Pew Research Center report in April showed that 60% of adults over 65 have internet access. Of these, 71% connect daily. Now Research indicates that 78% of those over 50 enjoys technology. Also, 45% of these senior consumers look for products over the Internet, while only 28% use the recommendations of their friends.

The tablets have become a great tool for promoting e-commerce among older users. The technology gap so far had led them to flee the complex computer and the small mobile screen. In tablets, consumers can enlarge the font size, view images in detail, and easily manage on the page, guiding navigation only with the help of your fingers.

These consumers also enjoy interacting on social networks. Facebook is your first choice, already has 73% of this population; but increasingly they are discovering more about Twitter, and 6% and has joined the platform of blue bird, according to Pew Research. However, YouTube has failed to attract them. Now Research survey shows that only 3% of respondents feel identified with the content you can find here.