28 December 2018

Three Signs That Your Small Business Needs IT Support


When running a small business, a budget for IT support may seem unnecessary. However, with so much of your business relying on IT infrastructure, can you afford not to?

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With data analysis, cloud services and internal communications at the centre of your business, IT that runs smoothly is essential. It may be time to partner with an IT provider. Here is our guide to the three signs that your small business needs IT support.

Security Breaches Have Occurred

Cyber attacks are part of running a modern business. In fact, recent statistics have shown that 42 per cent of small businesses have experienced at least one security breach in the past year.

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Seventeen per cent of businesses in the UK report cyber attacks as a monthly event, with 5 per cent reporting an attack daily. Cyber attacks are not only expensive to remedy; they also cause damage to your brand and slow the productivity of staff.

If your business has suffered security breaches, it is a sign that you should invest in support from an IT provider. IT providers can offer advanced threat protection, along with expert advice on compliance, protection, data recovery, and implementation of an effective plan for disaster recovery.

Security breaches can happen to any business, but by having IT support, you gain peace of mind that your hard work is secure.

Your Business is Growing

Growth is a promising prospect for your business, but without enough IT support, expanding into a new office could become a nightmare. Expanding is a complex process, and you must have support from an IT provider in order to install data centres, networks and power, which is often beyond the capabilities of most staff.

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By investing in IT support, your business’s growth will become far less complicated.

System Downtime Occurs Once a Month

Unreliable IT infrastructure systems can soon become a disaster for small businesses. Not only are unplanned system downtimes frustrating, but the longer that staff spend troubleshooting issues, the more money they waste.

According to statistics, small businesses in the UK lose an average of £5,600 each hour that their systems are down.

By partnering with a good IT support provider, security solutions will be implemented that protect and prevent these disruptions, helping your business run smoothly.