5 December 2015

Tips for Rebranding Success


If you have thought long and hard about rebranding your business, when you come to actually execute your plan, it is important to rebrand yourself effectively to build recognition, respect and loyalty from your customers. Here are some tips for rebranding success.

Rebranding Success

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Communication Is Key

It can take years to build up a brand image, so if you are reinventing yourself, you will need to begin the process from scratch all over again. Customers will need to be able to associate you with your new message and image, so communicate changes clearly and regularly to reinforce your new identity.

Communicating your rebranding message is not just about informing your customers. It needs to start internally, by ensuring all members of staff are fully conversant with your new identity. Staff need to understand why you are rebranding, what your messages are and how it could affect the business. A successful rebranding campaign can only take place once staff accept and understand what changes have occurred.

More than Just a Logo

Many people might think rebranding is about sprucing up your logo, but it is actually much more than that. Rebranding should never be taken lightly as it can be expensive and time-consuming to build up a new image that people begin to recognise. When you do undergo rebranding, getting it right will ensure you have not wasted valuable resources, so spend considerable time deciding which elements of your business you want to rebrand and why. If you do only decide to update your logo, ensure that it reflects other aspects of your business and your existing messages.

Rebranding can impact upon how you are perceived, so always consult with design experts, such as British websites London’s web design agency. A London web design business such as this can help to ensure that your new logo works well for your business, looks professional and is more current than your previous one.


When you rebrand your business, it’s important that you are completely consistent in your approach across all aspects of your communications. From using social media, to your website, letterheads, business cards and email marketing, it’s vital that you follow your new image, identity and messages through to avoid causing confusion. Re-iterating your new rebranding consistently across all forms of communication helps to increase awareness easier and will ensure that your endeavours are a success.